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Crochet Butterfly Necklace 

Crochet Butterfly Necklace
This Butterfly is not as commonly found. The lace wings are made of Irish crochet motifs and the body is made of continuous crochet motif. For that reason I think it's a very unique necklace.
I made this with crochet thread #6 but it will looks good made of any yarn weight.

The PDF includes 60 pictures- STEP BY STEP phototutorial and 14 pages with measures,abbreviations,number of stitches, extra notes and is written in Standard American Terms.

Pattern is available here: Crochet Butterfly Necklace on Etsy
                                     Crochet Butterfly Necklace on Craftsy
                                     Crochet Butterfly Necklace on Ravelry

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